Ok. So now I got a commodore amiga 1200.

Hello fans,

My retro collection is growing. This amiga was bought from a guy in the UK. I have opened it and saw that the RF metal shield is a bit rusty. Other than that it works mostly well. I still don’t know if the PCMCIA slot works, because there are compatibility issues with PCMCIA to compact flash cards.

I installed a 8 MB RAM expansion on it. You read it well, 8 MB ! Removed the mechanical hard disk that was installed, and put a IDE to compact flash adapter and a 32 GB card on it. Still can’t use all of the capacity on it, but I am still learning how to. Below is another shot of the machine.

I got a SCART to HDMI adapter (the little black box show in the pic above) so I could connect it to my LCD TV. The picture is not the sharpest but its ok. These machines were mostly used for games back in the day, but I am interested in them as developmentĀ platforms. From what I have learned, most software made for them was developed on other systems and then cross compiled for it. I got a C-Compiler for it, and a book on basic OS programming, so I have enough to get started. I really want to code in the actual machine, or else I could do it on a PC and run the programs on a emulator.



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