Hey! I have a working 1982 spectrum

Hello fans,

My recent acquisition of a zx spectrum+ from an italian seller didn’t go very well. He said the machine worked and it was not true. So I decided to lash out some more money and bought a refurbished zx spectrum main board, to fit inside the case of the faulty one.

I received the board in the email plus a power supply, and assembled it. When I went to test it, the keys were not working. So I had to buy a new keyboard membrane online. More euros down the drain.

Finally the machine seems to be fully working, only to find out that one of its rubber feet is damaged, so if the computer wobbles a bit it restarts :). Solution was to put some papers under it, and it wobbles no more.

Today I had a shot at the original 3d isometric batman, the one where you search for the pieces of the bat mobile. I didn’t get very far. Need to practice more. It brought back the memories of me, 12 years old playing on one of these machines (a timex 2048 made in Costa da Caparica, Portugal). I literally spent days playing on it, until I became a juvenile delinquent at the age of 15.

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