Python bot to simulate xekmypic users


I am trying to automate the generation of user traffic on my big data test application (xekmypic). I followed the approach of automating the mac osx client through applescript, but it’s not cutting it. Besides taking over the whole operating system focused on the open and focused application, random errors occur related to apple events.

So I am in the process of writing a client bot in python. I will then be able to spawn several processes of this script and get better throughput in usage generation.

One issue that arose is the generation and exporting of usage events to the server application. This is the most critical part of the simulation, because event data will be the source data to analyse with big data tools. I cannot generate the events and export them immediately, I have to mimic the way the events are exported by the desktop client. Which is storing the events in the database as they are generated, and periodically have a task that exports them.

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