Coaster done printing

Like I promised, here goes a blog post to show off the finished product.

Now I am going to print a box for my temperature reading raspberry pi board, that fell apart yesterday when I was connecting/disconnecting cables from it. But first got to find a model of one.




Printing a coaster I got from the internet

Hello again fans,

Since I took today and tomorrow off work (small vacation) and given the fact that I am forced to stay at home because of COVID-19, here goes another blog post.

Tonight I am 3D printing a coaster for holding my beer when I am working remotely from home. Pic below (still couldn’t see anything, took the photo on the beginning of the process).

Also, it has been a while since I came down to my garage to continue the several projects going on. The featured image on the top of this post is of my to be plotting machine. I am currently testing the motors, that are controlled by an Arduino with a shield on it.

And not forgetting about the temperature sensing device, that is almost done, I just have to make a permanent circuit for it. Picture below :

Well, that’s it for now. When the coaster is done printing I will make another post with a picture of it.

See ya

Implementing a spam filter

Hello fans!

I get a lot of junk comments on this site, posted by bots on the net that try to do phishing attacks. They don’t get displayed on the production blog, ¬†because I never authorise them. Right now I have over 35000 comments in the database, that I need to weed out as being spam or not.

I recently was reading an introductory book on data science, and that book has a chapter where a method for spam filtering is illustrated. So I set about to implement it and see if it works on my data.

I first had to copy all the messages on the main comments table in the database to another table that serves as the training set. Then Over each word on each message of that set I calculated the probability of it being spam or not spam, when seen in a message. Note that I considered all words to be spam in the training set, since I don’t get any legitimate comments, because basically no-one reads this site.

Last step, when receiving a new message I calculate the probability of it being spam given the word probabilities calculated before. Right now I have a job running periodically processing the backlog of messages I already have in the database. I am curious of seeing what will be left of them after I process them all.


Ok. So now I got a commodore amiga 1200.

Hello fans,

My retro collection is growing. This amiga was bought from a guy in the UK. I have opened it and saw that the RF metal shield is a bit rusty. Other than that it works mostly well. I still don’t know if the PCMCIA slot works, because there are compatibility issues with PCMCIA to compact flash cards.

I installed a 8 MB RAM expansion on it. You read it well, 8 MB ! Removed the mechanical hard disk that was installed, and put a IDE to compact flash adapter and a 32 GB card on it. Still can’t use all of the capacity on it, but I am still learning how to. Below is another shot of the machine.

I got a SCART to HDMI adapter (the little black box show in the pic above) so I could connect it to my LCD TV. The picture is not the sharpest but its ok. These machines were mostly used for games back in the day, but I am interested in them as development platforms. From what I have learned, most software made for them was developed on other systems and then cross compiled for it. I got a C-Compiler for it, and a book on basic OS programming, so I have enough to get started. I really want to code in the actual machine, or else I could do it on a PC and run the programs on a emulator.