What have I been up to ?

Hello fans,

It was quite some time since my last post. Since I printed my first 3D object, a lot has been done. Xekmypic, my picture private cloud is generating data to be analysed by a set of small hadoop programs. It has been fun doing it. Still some more to do before I move on to other more sophisticated ways of doing things.

Other than that, I have been gearing up my garage for electronics stuff. An oscilloscope, a function generator, small parts (like resistors, capacitors, etc).

I then got the urge to get into the retro scene, and therefore i bought a zx spectrum + off eBay from an italian seller. He said the machine worked, only for me to find that that was a lie. I could ask for a refund, but I prefer trying to repair it myself. There are some resources on the net related to the problem that the machine has.

I am also doing some stuff with an arduino and trying to read a temperature from a sensor. The deal is this : an arduino has a shield that has a wifi chip (the ESP8266) that can make a hotspot and serve data over TCP connections. So I have a RTD temperature sensor, connected through a circuit to the arduino with the wifi shield. The arduino periodically reads the value of the temperature, and publishes it on the TCP service.

I then have a raspberry pi 3B that has a TCP client implemented in python, that constantly gets the temperature from the arduino and stores it in my database that is in my apartment.

Next, I will try to make a web page that displays a graph of the values collected along with a mean value, because the temperature readings oscillate a bit.

I have some other things in stock. Stay tuned.