The countryside

I live in the country side. Well, sort of. There are many open spaces nearby, which I take advantage of to make ocasional walks, breathing the fresh air and contacting with nature. Since I work in an  office building on a desk job, these are moments to relax, perspire and bond with all other living things.

The region is a wine producer, so there are many vines in the vicinity of were I live.

At the moment the weather is kind of humid so the vegetation is vibrant and very green.

Right now I am blogging this from my parent’s house in their home town, which is in the southern part of the country. Maybe next week I will post about this trip down south.




Printer teardown


I am in the process of tearing apart an old printer. So far not troublesome, but some screws have their heads shot, so I cannot use a screw driver with them. The printer has a cool motor on it that I intend to salvage for future projects. Below is the current status of the disassembly.