Playing Super Mario on NES

Finally moved my retro pie PI3 to the living room. Using a wireless keyboard and mouse and my PS4 controller I can now play all those abandonware games on the net. I even installed the X server on it and firefox to browse the web when I am not playing. It looks very good at Full HD resolution on the big screen tv.

Now I need to install the PI on the plastic box I got for it (which by the way is totally crap, but it’s the only one I have now)

My happy place

I wish I could be at my happy place all day. I have a ton of personal projects currently, but to eat I am forced to leave the house  and work at a day job. Not that I dislike the day job but I feel that I am working not for myself but to others.

Below is my main workstation, where I code the software projects I am working on.

Below Is the workstation in my home studio where I record and edit music, and also play some games when time allows me.

When I am at work I frequently visit my own blog that has all these pictures and dream of getting home and doing stuff for myself.

Book shelf

Some months ago I went on a book shopping spree. I ended up with over 60 new books in my library. Even had to go to IKEA to buy a shelf to put them in. They are all tech related books, mostly on software development, IT automation (to manage the Iron at the office, see last post) and electronics.

The Objective is to fill the shelve with tech books, I will be in the market for future additions that are relevant for what I am doing currently at home (the photo cloud app) 

At the bottom of the shelf is a printer that still works but is kind of old and in the future will be disassembled for parts to use in my electronic endeavours.

Iron at the office

Hi all. This post shows some pics of my hardware set up for running virtual machines and in the future containers. XekmyPic is deployed to these machines. I keep the VM’s configured through puppet, the code up to date with Git, and monitoring them with zabbix.
I know these machines are kind of old by now but I hope to run them until they fail on their own. Which I hope it won’t be anytime soon. The one on the left is a 3.1 model from 2008 and still runs flawlessly. Only problem is that I can’t update the OS anymore. It has been discontinued. But for serving webpages (this blog) its fine.

Photo cloud app coming along

I have a pet project that I’ve been working on in my spare time. It’s a cloud based photo storing and sharing app. The server side is python   and the client side is for now just cocoa. I had this client done in Objective C and am re-doing it in swift 3. I am also about to try some big data technologies like Hadoop and Cassandra to build the analytics and social media aspects of the app. For that I need to read some books first 🙂

Below is a screen shot of the browse photo’s UI on the client app.