Fooling around the kit

A few months ago I purchased a top of the line e-drum kit from roland. A TD50-KV model, the state of the art. Been fooling around with it since. Still learning the basics such as stick control exercises and playing with a metronome to learn how to keep time when playing. Doing the exercises is kind of boring, but when it comes to drumming from what I’ve read, they are a must do develop muscle memory and coordination. Below is another pic of the kit.
 Because time is not abundant, I am also trying to play basic rock beats that are fun to do, and make practice time less boring.

Retro gaming on the Amiga

When I was a kid I could only afford having a ZX spectrum (I’m in Europe), and an Amiga was out of reach. Nowadays the Amiga scene is very active, I am in several facebook groups and people are still selling and buying them. Because getting an old machine is very risky I set out to use emulation to feel the Amiga experience. Got the Amiga Forever that runs on Windows and bundles several games with it.

Using the kickstart ROMs that came with it, and UAE4Arm I have set up retroPi on a Raspberry Pi 3 I had lying around. Loaded up “The Secret of Monkey Island” on it and went back a few years when I was playing that same game on a PC.

DC motor

Some weeks ago I disassembled an old portable radio with two tape decks. The only parts I kept was two identical DC motors that powered the tape decks and the speakers. I am now trying to get one of the motors spinning, but I don’t know the wiring because it has a different color scheme. All the wires are white and two of them have dashed lines on them. I’m gonna ask the electronics community on the net for some pointers.