Shoe shelf

In the process of making a shoe storing shelf. I currently have my shoes all disorganised in one of my bathrooms (the one I done use) and need to store them properly.

To make the shelf I bought tow wooden boards 2×0,5×0.015 meters. Here is a picture after cutting one of them in half:


Both halfs will be the sides of the shelf. the other board I cut in 20 cm segments to make the shelfs that go in between them :


There will be ten shelves. In the picture above I was rounding the edges of each one with the router. Here is one of them.


One of the shelves fell on the floor and broke in half. I had to glue it together:


Next weekend I will finish rounding the shelves and will sand the wood with a fine grit, since I intend to paint it with varnish.


Finally got in the mail my most recent acquisition. An small air compressor that will enable me to airbrush a model kit I bought a few years ago. The model is a Gato Class US submarine from World war 2. Because the surface to be painted is rather large (the model has over 1 meter in length) airbrushing it should be a way to not spend much paint and the results should beĀ better.


On glitch was that the compressor has a Iwata compatible output, and the airbrush I have is a proinsa double action airbrush with a badger compatible connection. So I had to get a converter from 8 inch iwata female to M5x0,45 female.


The airbrush is pretty cool. Already tried it with water. Now I have to get the paint to spray on the model. Here’s the brush :


With this tool I will be able to paint the model with some weathering effects on it. I will be posting here the build as it goes along