Garage shop : Table saw outfeed table

Hello all,

One of my hobbies is tinkering with wood and such. For that I installed a shop in my basement garage. With some hobby tools you can make lots of things. I constantly try to improve the shop, and my latest improvement was making a table to put my portable table saw. The saw is kind of small and when cutting larger boards they usually slip to the floor, which is kind of annoying. So went on to build a table where I could put the table saw in and have a bigger work surface. I didn’t took any photos of the table build, so I am sharing here the outcome so far.

Below is a pic of the portable table saw. As you can see its table is rather small : IMG_0246

Below is the table with the saw already installed. The table dimensions are 1.22 x 1.22 meters. 70 cm height


To install the saw I made some adjustable wood parts in order to adjust the height of the saw to be flush to the table top :


Below is a picture of the setup for the first cut using the table. I was cutting a board to make the fence of the saw. I removed the original fence from the machine and am making one that goes all the width of the new table. I used a metal strut to make as a temporary fence while I am making the definitive one :

IMG_0248All the material of the table is MDF with a 1,6 cm thickness. All of my shop’s cabinets are made of it.

So that’s it. I will be posting here the fence build process soon.

See ya