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Currently Reading …

It’s been a while since I last posted here. Been busy porting a mac desktop application from Objective C to Swift 3. I will write about it in a future post.

But now I am reading two books :

  • Learning Python 5th edition
  • GuadalCanal by Richard B Frank

The first is complete tutorial on learning the Python language. I have done some stuff in python, but never had a chance to properly learn it from start to finish. This book is 1600 pages long, so I hope by the end of it I will be a Python Guru.

The second is a history book about one of the greatest campaigns of world war 2. It happened in south-east Asia and opposed American, UK, Australian and New Zealand forces against the Japanese empire. It was a land, sea and air battle, where many fought for their countries. It is about 800 pages long.


Math refresher

While reading about the natural response of RL and RC circuits, I have com across the need to solve first order differential equations.

While doing so I realised that I need to brush up on my math. So here goes :



Then, by integrating both sides of the previous equation :