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Shoe shelf

In the process of making a shoe storing shelf. I currently have my shoes all disorganised in one of my bathrooms (the one I done use) and need to store them properly.

To make the shelf I bought tow wooden boards 2×0,5×0.015 meters. Here is a picture after cutting one of them in half:


Both halfs will be the sides of the shelf. the other board I cut in 20 cm segments to make the shelfs that go in between them :


There will be ten shelves. In the picture above I was rounding the edges of each one with the router. Here is one of them.


One of the shelves fell on the floor and broke in half. I had to glue it together:


Next weekend I will finish rounding the shelves and will sand the wood with a fine grit, since I intend to paint it with varnish.

Table saw fence

Hello all,

This weekend I set out to make a table saw fence for the table saw in the outfeed table. the fence is made of two perpendicular MDF strips. One going almost the full length of the table parallel to the blade and another perpendicular to it that lines parallel to another strip of MDF placed along the front edge of the table.



On the above image is a part I made to secure the front side strip of MDF to the table. The short perpendicular to the blade fence piece lines up against it.


The rightmost strip on the above picture is the front sided one. the leftmost strip is the fence. This picture was taken after I cut it on the saw with a temporary fence made from a metal strut.


Above is the fence completed and in place. Note the front sided strip that serves as a fastening point for the fence’s small strip. It is secured with a grip.


View of the fence from the opposite side. Only problem now is that the fence isn’t exactly parallel to the blade. I need to fix that maybe by using another kind of joint for both of the MDF strips.



Crosscut sled groove

For my table saw outfeed table I want to have a crosscut sled. The sled will run longitudinally across the table saw through a groove that the manufacturer already built-in. Because the machine is now fitted to a larger table, I have to extend the groove into the outfeed table, in order to slide the sled all the way past the blade.

I used a portable router to make the groove. Before cutting the outfeed table I made a test run on a piece of MDF, which is the material of the table. MDF is easy to cut. Not a hard material.


Then I measured the distances to where the groove on the table would continue the groove on the table saw. To guide the movement of the router I made a jig composed of two boards that would bound the width of the groove. The length was equal to the table’s length.


Below is the router setup before the cut. Note the vacuum cleaner attached to the router, for making the router bit easier to advance through the material.


Below is the groove already cut, with the jig still in position.


Below is a piece of plywood and an MDF that will make the sled surface and the guide that will go under for sliding on the groove.



Both pieces are now glued together. Next I will have to glue the sled fence which will have to be square with the blade.


Garage shop : Table saw outfeed table

Hello all,

One of my hobbies is tinkering with wood and such. For that I installed a shop in my basement garage. With some hobby tools you can make lots of things. I constantly try to improve the shop, and my latest improvement was making a table to put my portable table saw. The saw is kind of small and when cutting larger boards they usually slip to the floor, which is kind of annoying. So went on to build a table where I could put the table saw in and have a bigger work surface. I didn’t took any photos of the table build, so I am sharing here the outcome so far.

Below is a pic of the portable table saw. As you can see its table is rather small : IMG_0246

Below is the table with the saw already installed. The table dimensions are 1.22 x 1.22 meters. 70 cm height


To install the saw I made some adjustable wood parts in order to adjust the height of the saw to be flush to the table top :


Below is a picture of the setup for the first cut using the table. I was cutting a board to make the fence of the saw. I removed the original fence from the machine and am making one that goes all the width of the new table. I used a metal strut to make as a temporary fence while I am making the definitive one :

IMG_0248All the material of the table is MDF with a 1,6 cm thickness. All of my shop’s cabinets are made of it.

So that’s it. I will be posting here the fence build process soon.

See ya